How to style prosperously

Prosperity is a condition where one is thriving, possesses good fortune and a successful social status; an aspiration we work hard our whole lives to achieve. In different cultures, there are even rituals dedicated to helping you usher in good fortune and wealth. The Chinese for example, believe that the colour red brings prosperity which shows in their outfit of choice during the lunar New Year.

  1. Wearing red coloured outfits and add on accessories as an embellishment.           

Going full red might be a little too cliché, hence why you might want to match your outfit with different coloured accessories. For example, pairing a dark coloured handbag like the Verso II Round Crossbody Bag with a red dress may portray you as an elegant and sophisticated lady- enhancing your charms. A plain red dress with a stunning black colour handbag is another fashionable example that puts you in the spotlight at any events, parties, and gatherings.

  1. Wearing a non-red colour outfit with a red handbag to add that pop of prosperity.

Red is not everyone’s colour so instead of a red outfit, try an ensemble in white or yellow with a red bag as a contrasting pop of colour. It works with different styles, be it a classic monochrome or a bright combo. Build your outfit with these prosperous and cheery bags so that good luck will come to you. If you are looking to make a trendy statement, take a look at the pouch bag from our Verso Collection.


  1. Bring along a bag that can keep your belongings safe and sound!

It is crucial to keep your belongings safe through all the pompous celebrations. To keep all your ‘prosperity’ in, the bag you have with you should be big enough for a day’s worth of essentials with a multitude of pockets and a large interior. A bag with large capacity can ease the burden of carrying many things, especially during the festivities. Try the backpack from our Verso range for both style and comfort this festive season.