Huawei Mate Xs BONIA Edition
 Be part of the ultra-exclusive with this limited edition HUAWEI Mate Xs. With only 20 units available in our BONIA.COM- among the 300 units for Malaysia- be at the forefront of both groundbreaking technology and impeccable craftsmanship.
Two Worlds Collide
 Appeal to both the tech enthusiast and style guru in you with this collaborative effort between two powerhouse brands. Not only are you getting a state of the art 5G foldable phone but all of BONIA’s signature style with it.
BONIA Edition Accessories
The croc-embossed leather used to craft the bespoke pouch and earphones case are the perfect posh accessories for the equally high-end HUAWEI Mate Xs. An elegant colourway and refined material texture, speaks to the exclusive accessories’ craftsmanship and is befitting of an individual who’s looking for substance with über style to back it up.


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