3 Best Italian Coves – CALA

Calamosche, the most famous beach in the reserve of Vendicari.

Near Porto Empedocle, south of Sicily, take the street from Porto Empedocle to Lido Rossello; follow the street signs to Lido Rossello. It is named after its stairway structure and the historical accounts of Arabian pirates who utilized it as a refugee encampment and dock for their strikes. The "Turkish stairway" is also currently well known as the setting for the TV serial "Commissario Montalbano." Sicilian writer Andrea Camilleri has chosen to set the vast majority of his criminologist stories that inspired the TV serials here in the zone around Porto Empedocle, on the south shore of Sicily. The outcome is that a region that had been once deserted has now become one of the most visited sites. The seashores around the "Turkish stairway" are presently more crowded than they were a couple of years back, and it's not as common to have the entire seashore territory as undisturbed as it was previously. The seashore close to the "Turks" is made of quartz and shell sections that turn an outing to the seashore into a quest for delightful stones. You may even choose to bring one home to be turned into an exquisite neckband pendant.

Capo Vaticano, the home of the famous Venetian writer Giuseppe Berto.

South Italy, close to Vibo Valentia, Calabria. This lovely seashore is situated in the territory of Vibo Valentia, Calabria and Southern Italy close to Ricadi. Most Europeans love the seashore and the French magazine "Les Grands Voyageurs" has grouped the sea shore as ‘the third best beaches in Italy’; Trip Advisor also listed it as one of the 100 best world sea shores. The old Greeks even cherished it so much that they considered it a spot for correspondence with God Mantineo. The seashores, little coves and gulfs give each ocean fan an ideal haven. The locale is also said to be a boon for divers looking making their plunge underwater from the numerous boats that move around the ocean at the Capo-Vaticano, one of the most well-known is Grotticelle: a warm sandy, light purplish-blue ocean secured by the Gulf of Messina.


Inspired by the colours of the coves during spring, the Cala collection by Bonia is named after the meaning of ‘cove’ in Italian. The collection is crafted in premium calf split leather to convey a contemporary look for modern ladies. Check out more of this collection that is dedicated to the hue of the sun and the sea making you feel as if you are experiencing the beauty of the coves.


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