3 reasons why you need a tote bag

What is a tote bag used for? More than you might expect. Totes are no longer simply feeble reusable shopping bags. The present tote bags are adaptable, trendy, and solid. The most down to earth accessory a lady can carry, the new Atrani collection by Bonia is one of the best examples of an essential tote bag with modern concepts and flourishing designs. Here are the 3 reasons why you should take a gander at the new collection.


The collection has the best ladies' bag for work that holds all your work materials and daily essentials. The Atrani is also a great place to keep your books on the way to class. On top of being classy and strong, it is equipped to carry every one of your accessories alongside a heavy laptop. The quintessential tote bag also wraps up an article of expert clothing and is comfortable to carry. Let the new Atrani Collection  be your companion for either work or school!



When you need twelve totes for your trip to the shopping centre, the modest mass-delivery bags are the ideal go-to. As we stated before, the present tote bags are substantially more than that so you should switch it up with the Atrani While you're appreciating a walk around the market or boutique, the tote bag  will handily hold your buys without depreciating your style. That is why the new Atrani Collection by Bonia is best suited for your shopping date with its aforementioned modern style and spacious capacity.

  1. GYM BAG

A lady's gym bag should be functional and practical but it doesn't have to look utilitarian. Much the same as a lady's exercise clothes, the bag she carries should be practical without devaluing her sense of style and character. It's additionally superb for holding your towel and water in case you're heading to an exercise class or going hiking. In any case, discover a tote that is similarly as brilliant as your typical exercise gear; bring a bag from the Atrani Collection when you head to the gym and be amazed by its functionality and durability!