Fantastical Dreams of a Mermaid

1989 gave us the rich illustrious undersea world of The Little Mermaid and the love story that captivated a generation. From towering underwater castles to ornate sword fish drawn chariots, these are the opus of a fantastic imagination.

That said, despite the glitz of Atlantica and the pivotal romance of the fairy tale, there is still no bigger fascination from the franchise than Ariel herself. The mermaid’s tenacity, ingenuity and adventurous spirit were no figment of anyone’s imagination; she broke barriers and bridged two opposing worlds.


Hers is a story of rabid curiosity and uncompromising will- whichever incarnation of her is referenced- be it the Hans Christian Anderson original or the animated reimagining. Inherit that sense of adventure and ambition with the Ariel Collection from BONIA.

This unique little number’s tubular shape cheekily suggests an unconventional use for its main compartment- a map or rolled up plans for unforgettable journeys ahead. Zip up the contents and admire the nautical motifs which bring to mind everything from secluded beaches to grand oceanic voyages; lest we forget the seashell pendant which is an Ariel signature.

Bring the lust for daring escapades with you in a choice of three vibrant colours. Carry it by the side strap or wear it crossbody as you make your way across sunny beaches, leaving sun tanners starring with this bright colour carry.