Hama: Japan’s Remote Island Beaches

Land of the rising sun, Japan, has the geographical fortune of small island clusters scattered off its coasts. These tiny plots of land rising out of the ocean blue might seem insignificant in size but each carries its own storied history. Some have lain untouched for millennia while some simply deserted after the war; in any case, they all raise interesting propositions- isolated and pristine beaches.


Tomari Port in Naha City is your gateway to the island; with a ticket in hand you will soon be piercing through calm seas towards the eventual promise of lush yellow beaches. Live the fantasy of a castaway on this uninhabited tropical paradise; feel the gentle sea breeze in your hair and savour the sounds of the crashing waves without the chaos of human crowds.


Legend has it, Kudaka was the first island ever conceived by the goddess of creation, Amamikiyo when she descended from the heavens. Colloquially known now as the island of the gods, Kudaka is blessed with stunning yet quiet beaches that dominate its coastlines. Just a 15-minute ferry ride from Okinawa, this hidden gem with its emerald blue seas, and white sand, is practically calling out to those looking to take an ‘off the beaten path’ approach to their getaways.


Not satisfied with your run-of-the-mill crystal blue waters of conventional beaches? Find your next island adventure in Tokashiki, the largest of the Kerama Islands. The waters here are not just blue; they are ‘Kerama Blue’, a stunning shade of the calming hue that can only be found here. Get lost in the clear waters and enjoy the seclusion even if it’s fleeting.

These hama, 浜, or beach in Japanese- indulge the carefree spirit in you, much like the HAMA, with its hand-drawn motif of seagulls taking flight on the fore against a sky blue background. Take thoughts of the ocean and unadulterated freedom with you along with your daily essentials!