Pint sized Enchantment

Casual and carefree, two of the many similarly themed words one will immediately associate with the Buongiorno Backpack. From its urban design to the loud ‘BOUNGIORNO’ text emblazoned over the top, this casual carry encapsulates style and prestige while managing to not take itself too seriously. 

Accents of our singature monogram gives the bag a sense of heritage which is deliberately juxtaposed by the bold text and modern minimalist cues. From cobbled streets of Italy to the busy streets of Manhattan, the Buongiorno plays well with the crowd, effortlessly appeasing the sense of style of the moment. 

Practicality is also not sacrificed in the name of style- the carry being a backpack and all. A combination of flexible pockets, card slot and an external compartment gives this medium sized carry a degree of usability that will easily satisfy any daily excursion. 

The Buongiorno Backpack is available at RM1299.