Red, Gold and Blue

In vivid red or dark blue, the Ischia commands the gaze of others, further amplified by its unique dimensions. Its length is its highlight- exuding style but also possessing natural knack for practicality. 

Red like the wines produced on the island that it is inspired by, Ischia, the carry conjures an aura of class and elegance synonymous with grand events. It also reflects the laid back vibe typical of an island and the beaches that surrounds it. A stately affair or everyday casual moments, Ischia will never look out of place be it slung or carried. 

Carry all you need with you too with the ample space that this stylish satchel provides. Its elongated shape not only lends itself to an eccentric look but also interior room for essentials galore. From the classy gold accents, to the tassel charm there is much to love about the Ischia, an affinity that will win you praises when seen with it! 

The Ischia Satchel is available from RM 1299.