Ray: Birds of the Seas

Next to its clownfish and Pacific Blue Tang counterparts, the stingray just doesn’t invoke the same mental lightbulb. However, its lack of popularity in the mainstream belies the creature’s sheer majesty. The ‘birds of the sea’ possess tremendous fascinations and make for an interesting study for those looking to demystify one of nature’s finest creations. 

Dive into the deep blue, swim further into its depths and take a moment to turn around, as a school of stingrays come swimming by above you. Against the glistening backdrop of the world above, the flapping motion of the creatures is akin to birds in flight albeit caught in a slowed-down loop of time. 

They spot your presence but pay you no mind; their venomous tail kept straight and slightly swaying as they kept to their path. Amidst your admiration of their slow regal movements, keep in mind that they are also capable of being menacingly fast and agile- when they feel threatened. 

Mimicking the general shape of the stingray with its flared sides and unconventional handle attachment placement in the middle, the RAY is first of all- eye-catching. It is also relaxed in its milled leather demeanour, reflecting the stingrays smooth slow motions, perfect for a casual ensemble; the gold accents helps add an opulent touch. 

Have yours in either black or brown and pair with boots, fishnet stockings, high waisted daisy dukes and a simple white tank top.