Aida: The Travel Trunk Inspiration

Before the modern lightweight four wheeled luggage dominated travel, there were the Travelling Trunks. These are not made for ultra-portability rather for utmost durability, capacity and grandeur. A symphony of metals, leather and wood, these vintage travel trunks are the pinnacle of luxury travel companions.  

Early days of humanity’s travels were dominated by these heavy chests, being hauled by servants and footmen for everyone from royalty to wealthy noblemen. They were crafted to be the epiphany of an opulent travel partner. Sizes vary widely too, ranging from small cabin trunks for ‘light’ travel to full dresser trunks for one’s entire wardrobe collection. They even have mirrors, pull out drawers and compartments to store various effects from hats to jewellery. 

Most of them are decorated and furnished with ornate details to make it personal and bespoke. During the victorian era, stunning lithographs adorn the interior of the trunks, often with scenic illustrations of the countryside or simple floral patterns for the ladies. Each lithograph was unique to the individual who commissioned it and it spoke to the importance of the travel trunk and how it reflects humanity’s desire to travel and discover. 

The spirit and reputation of the travel trunk aesthetic is encapsulated in the AIDA, a collection that condenses the essence into a compact mini trunk shape that you can sling crossbody. Bearing European style, the AIDA maintains the hallmarks of the classic travel trunks with the side braces and prominent clasp in the middle. 

Have yours in our classic monogram, accented with a choice of 6 colours or take a pick of four more modern reinterpretations. 

The Monogram AIDA Mini Trunk XS is priced at RM 1159.