Sophia Duo Tone: A brief History of the Bucket Bag

With a name like ‘bucket bag’ one might wonder how a product under the moniker would ever be attractive- certainly a carry associated with a utilitarian water vessel would be far from fashionable? Think along those lines and history will serve contradictions with the bag type proving itself to have a long standing history that saw it lauded, loved and crazed over. 


In fact, the bucket has seen several waves of popularity and influence over the last century with the earliest dating back to the early 1900s, albeit in the form of a beaded drawstring reticule. The larger and shoulder mounted version we know and love today would find its footing later in the 1940s, inspired by a sailor’s duffel bag and made uber utilitarian to suit the wartime theme of the decade. 

The 1960s saw another wave of resurgence for the bucket but this time with more adventurous interpretations and heightened style to accompany its uncompromising practicality. You have the sideway satchel style and even one that actually resembled a bucket. 


The 1980s continued the reinvention of the bucket with a plethora of materials, colour tones and sizes. An era of big hair, spandex and neon colours, the decade of synthwave exposed the bag style to a smattering of experimental styles and aesthetics. 


Fast forward to the present, and the bucket has matured somewhat but it doesn’t mean there is still no room for contrasting styles and polorasing design. Our SOPHIA Duo Tone is a prime example with dual colourways that makes a bold statement. Have one with our heritage monogram too for a timeless touch.