Journal: Counting Blissful Memories

What would you write in your journal before you lay your head to sleep? Could it be of your lazy afternoon cruise along the coastal road, the wind in your hair as you drop the top of your convertible. The sleeve of your yellow three piece gently flutters as you drop your hands out the side of the vehicle; a smile from your partner as you turn to look at him. 

Will you write about how the crashing of the waves stayed ever present even over the low rumble of the engine and the wafts of ocean breeze? Remind yourself of the crystal waters as it glistens under the unrelenting sun. The road is vacant and so is the beach- save for a few seagulls- a boon for the slow cruise and soft tune emanating off the car speakers. 

You lean over the center console where your BONIA Journal sits pretty and gives your partner a playful peck on the cheek. In that moment- little would you know- both of you were the defining image of summertime bliss. 

Perhaps, you will be more tempted to recall the details of a serene meal over soft conversations approaching golden hour. Rich velvety rays of a setting sun bathe the lush spread of tea time staples and the JOURNAL sitting amongst the fray. Laughter echoes the colonial style chalet as you bite into one of the canapes. 

Moments captured and ever timeless- a description well suited to the JOURNAL with our heritage monogram and classic silhouette. Get your own classic gem at RM 939.