AHELI: Coming Up Daisies

Who doesn’t love floral prints? Forever timeless and a staple of the fashion world, the motif has been reinvented, revived and reinterpreted linearly with time to fit in with any style and aesthetic. From ancient royals to your everyday working girl, the print’s history is a storied one.


In the case of daisies, we have to take a trip back to 18th century Europe where it, along with a select few of its other counterparts were tremendously in vogue, dominating most silk brocades of the time. The trend of the era was to have tiny blossoms and smaller sprig motifs that dominate the entire canvas. Brightly coloured and rich with texture, the daisy was rendered in all its glory in silk which made it all the more opulent. Even when it was in white, it still stood out amongst the colour filled motifs of its floral siblings.


Fast forward to today and the popularity of the daisy still stands, making its rounds on fashion runways and adorning everything from headgear to bags. For all its history, we appreciate the daisy by letting it dominate the facade of our AHELI collection of bags.

Not satisfied with a two-dimensional rendition of the beautiful flower, we adorned the AHELI with pops of three-dimensional daisies that look like they naturally bloomed from the split leather surface. The white blossoms’ stunning white is further elevated when contrasted against the equally bright coloured leather in a choice of pink, yellow and white colourways.


For the more carefree and adventurous chick in you, AHELI perfectly jives with a summer centric ensemble for a saltwater getaway.