The Sling: An Ever Reliable Travel Companion

Tackling a foreign land even if it's an island paradise can become a cumbersome affair without the right carry. Most gravitate towards a backpack for ultimate capacity but what is room without the practicality of easy access; imagine missing snapshot moments and having street vendors wait on you as you struggle to grab your camera or wallet out of your bag.

So, before you zip up your Nu Transit four-wheeler, make room for one more article- a crossbody sling.

The ideal travel sling has to be compact enough not to rob you of precious luggage space while being sizable enough to be able to store your passport, wallet, phone and makeup essentials. The CARINA Sophia is a great exemplar with numerous card slots for your IDs and charge plates, notes compartments for currency and a zip pocket for hideaway items that need more security. The fashionable sling keeps it all in, in a tight calf split leather package topped with a handle for easy pick-up and of course the adjustable shoulder strap for the convenient sling.

Whether you are walking down the cobbled streets of Amsterdam or through a busy marketplace in Nha Trang, relish the lightness and versatility this mode of carry offers you. Take literal weights off your shoulders with the confidence of knowing you have all you need with you regardless, in your CARINA Sophia.

When you reach the bittersweet end of your escapade, simply empty your effects and drop the compact sling into your luggage but don’t just relegate it to your travels- CARINA Sophia’s minimalist style makes it a reliable companion too for casual evening outings.

The CARINA Sophia Crossbody Sling Bag is available in three colourways for RM 779.