Sail Away in Luxury

Everyone has tales of their ultimate beach getaway but how many can chime in about a luxurious yacht experience? Move your next escape beyond the crowded shores and out into the wide-open seas with you and your best compadres- don’t forget your ZOEY SOPHIA with all your essentials in it!


Picture waking up to the soft bobbing motion of the sea in a bed no different than the one you have at home. Throw aside the plush comforter, don a robe and walk up onto the covered deck where a wholesome breakfast is waiting for you courtesy of a personal chef.


As you bite into a slice of fluffy pancake, you realise the absence of noise. This far out from shore only the sounds of the ocean dominate your auditory periphery… only disturbed by the impending approach of your companions as they join you for the morning feast.

Your day will consist of leaping off the dive deck into the deep blue, sun tanning on the top deck sipping mimosas and of course picture taking for the socials. Sure, a cruise ship can offer you a similar experience but then you have to deal with other passengers; on your private yacht, you are a world away from reality.


As the day winds down, you get into your finest number and regroup for an equally fanciful dinner. Life is good and its wine and chatter till bedtime. It will be bittersweet the next day, as the luxury-on-water makes landfall but at least you’ll still have the stories with you to share and a little license to gloat.