Marina: Being Atypical

Picture the backpack- medium height, just wide enough for your effects with the quintessential double straps. Typical for height over width to accommodate a breadth of objects, this trait has the unintended side effect of having the bag being overtly tall for a vertically challenged individual if not sized precisely. 

Fighting a losing battle in finding the right practical daily carry for your shorter torso? Why not take a gander at our MARINA backpack that leans towards width rather than sheer height by design for those tired of the conventional choice. 

The MARINA might not possess vertical prowess but its width more than makes up for it. With the extra horizontal dimension, the backpack has a certain air of presence to it, standing strong when placed on any surface without having to lean it against a wall. It also earns points in the practicality front, offering up ample space for anything you might need on-the-go. 

Be it a jaunt through the city or a short hike up a ravine, the MARINA with its two vibrant colours- Dark Yellow and Greyish Green- keep heads turning and stands out amongst its sea of dark coloured nylon counterparts. The calf leather construction keeps everything looking sharp and classy while the metal accents help elevate its outward appeal. 


The MARINA backpack comes in two colours and is available for RM 1299.