Amethyst Watch: A Colour filled Gem

Amethyst Watch: A Colour filled Gem

In a sea of stainless steel watches, the Amethyst runs the common course but with a special twist right on the face. Its silver stainless steel veers on the timeless side but what sets it apart are the numerous colourful sapphire crystals that run the entire circumference of the watch frame. There is no mistaking it for another as the crystals themselves feature a unique colour gradient that sees it transition from fiery reds to tamed blues.

The symphony of striking elements don’t stop there, as your eyes gravitate towards the watch face itself, you will notice the subtle but exquisite dial which just slightly shimmers in an almost kaleidoscopic wonder under the sun. This is courtesy of the face being made from Mother of Pearl, one of the sea’s most beautiful creations.

To complement the splendour of the watch dial, we also worked on the numbers, bestowing it with the same sapphire crystals that dominate the circumference. Shining, shimmering splendid, the Amethyst is one to behold even if it is merely strapped to your wrist.

Its colourful facade might lead one to think that it would only be suited for more extravagant ensembles but on the contrary, it is as versatile as it is striking. Match it with a fun summer inspired outfit or even a toned-down pastel affair. Either way, the Amethyst will be the pop of colour you need to complete a look.

The Silver Stainless Steel Amethyst Watch is available for RM 658.