REGINA ZOEY: Pint-sized Beauty

Statements don’t need to absolutely rely on sheer size. Oftentimes, the smallest yet most charismatic objects can have a marked presence even amongst the most crowded of vistas. Take prime subject, the REGINA ZOEY Croco Satchel for example, it might not have the footprint of an encompassing carryall but everything from its design to its material construction beckons at your gaze and attention. 

There is no mistaking the classic shape which is further accentuated by the striking colour and the high shine Croco leather that exudes exotic class before anythign else. Lest we forget the accents clad in gold for the rest of the bag from the zipper right down to the studs that hold the svelt handle in place. 

Despite its size which makes it an easy carry with the handle strap, the mini satchel earns points for practicality with the versatility of a strap attachment that allows for a more casual shoulder carry. The latter makes it the perfect stylish cary for those jaunts through foreign streets when you need your two hands free. 

With three distinct colourways, there is a Regina Zoey to fit any personality. Maroon for the feisty diva, classic black for the understated queens and light pink for the pastel lovers. 

The Regina Zoey Croco Satchel is available for RM 1399.