Puccini Sophia II: The Peak of Regality

Known as ‘the greatest composer of Italian opera after Verdi’, Giacomo Antonio Domenico Michele Seconda Maria Puccini is undoubtedly a maverick who has composed works, his notable ones being La Boheme, Tosca and Madama Butterfly. Such is his notoriety that most of us would have come across a few of his works even without realising it. 

Reflecting the regality of opera and the grandiose personality that is Giacomo Puccini, we created the Puccini Sophia II. Distilling the two traits into a shoulder carry, there is no mistaking the sheer sense of presence the bag brings with it. From the architectural elements that don its front facade to the small touches like the gold accents, the Puccini exudes utter opulence. 

The materials that make up the Puccini is no less grand, with calf split leather making up the majority of the construction. Every time you pick it up, it's an event as your fingers brush along the textural sensation only real leather can present. Not willing to be relegated to dull oblivion, we also bestowed it with a bright white monogram canvas, to brighten the shoulder bag’s appeal. 

Make a statement with the Puccini, available at RM 1199.