BOLD ECHO: Go big or go home

What does it mean to be bold? Is it the willingness to traverse into the unknown? Jumping into something new and foreign without fear or simply embracing changes and new ideas? However you define it, being bold is an aspiration, an attribute that can applied from your personality to your individual style. 

Tired of your old staid and reserved style and cannot wait go bolder? Take the first deep dive with a piece from the BOLD ECHO collection that is as flashy as it is stylish. Turn heads with the symphony of echoing patterns against a bright white background 

For those who are looking to turn heads rather than blend in with the crowd, we made it loud with a repeating pattern of our logo in an echo inspired style. The motif is emblazoned across the facade of the collection- no one is going to mistake what bag you are carrying. If that is not enough, we were also liberal with the bag patches, infusing a little youtuful quirk into the carry. 

Whether a casual brunch or a stroll through a foreign landscape, the BOLD ECHO collection makes for a casual carry with loud ambitions! 

The Bold Echo collection starts from RM 399.