The Bleeding Edge

What happens when you bring two leading industry giants together? You get the best of both worlds- cutting edge technology with unparalleled craftsmanship. Our latest collaboration with telecommunications giant, HUAWEI, is a practice in melding two worlds- fashion and technology and realising that the two have more in common than initial perceptions. 

Calling from the future, the Mate Xs looks straight out of Sci-Fi with an edge to edge screen that draws gasps when it unlatches and folds out into a wide canvas, transforming from a smartphone sized device into a bonafide tablet. The notion of a foldable phone has always been in the realm of fantasies; now it is reality. 

Our efforts lie in the bespoke accessories that come with 20 exclusive units amongst the already limited 300 units of the HUAWEI Mate Xs available for the country. Be the elite of the elite, as you slide your Mate Xs out of an uber chic croc embossed leather pouch made bespoke for the device. 

The show doesn’t stop there as you unzip-per the equally stunning earphones case housing the Fareebuds 3, a pair of futuristic true wireless earbuds.

We seek to elevate and meet unprecedented innovation where it stands. 

Own your own HUAWEI Mate Xs with bespoke BONIA accessories, available from