Call of the seas

'Nautical' would be the word that comes to mind when one lay eyes on the Mother-of-Pearl Marjorie. As evident by its name, the timepiece takes inspiration from the vast oceans that cover the blue marble that is our planet- one of the colour choices that is also prominent on the front fascia of the watch. One can also discern the rope motif that goes around the face and run parallel along the metal strap. 

Every element of the Marjorie conveys a sense of strength and presence, even its hands which look like miniature swords, pointing reliably to the hour and minutes of the day against a beautiful Mother-of-Pearl watchface. 

Fit for an avid sea-farring individual or someone who just loves the ocean, this striking timepiece possesses its own brand of charm that has roots in the depts of the deep blue! The Mother-of-Pearl Marjorie Ladies’ Watch is available for RM 868 in three distinct colourways.