Peruvian Inspiration

A future classic, the Milagros’s traditional outline filled in with the signature BONIA Monogram takes inspiration from an unlikely source located in the Americas of a different era. 

One would look at the Europeans and their illustrious history of architectural prowess but turn to Peruvians and you get an equally rich repertoire. From the Inca Empire to colonial Peru, the country’s architectural heritage is one that is diverse, storied and very much revered. 

Captivated, we can’t help but gravitate towards the structures that dominated ancient Peru. The rock constructions dictating the strong lines of the Milagros and the earthen hues reflected in our stunning Monogram brown constructed out of milled leather and trimmed in vinyl. 

An elegant proposition with a sophisticated air of heritage, the Milagros demands attention when settled on any surface. 

The Milagros Shrunken Satchel is available at RM1299