Carrying Heritage

There is something about the monogram that truly imbues an article with a sense of class and history. One major attribute could be the effect of royalty during the middle ages when the house emblems of royal families are emblazoned on everything from chalices to furniture. A benefactor for the modern monogram which, with the repeating motif of one emblem, conveys- not too subtly- the pride of which a brand carries. 

Inherit that sense of prestige with our Monogram Backpack that is sure to end up in your ‘forever’ collection. The play on browns and the Eurocentric looks gives it a stately facade  that pairs well with both a formal ensemble or a more casual affair, which also makes it the perfect versatile carry to take with you on the daily. 

Practicality is also a highlight with ample interior space and various types of pockets- open and zippered- to keep all your essentials and more in check. Carry status and heritage on your shoulders and simultaneously add a touch of class to your wardrobe. 

The Monogram Backpack is available for RM 1199.