Complementing the Quirky

With the Raya season approaching, it’s all hands on deck for brands to use this opportunity to share their interpretations of Raya. Although we are facing tough circumstances right now, celebrating with your closest kin can help lift spirits and a new pair of Baju Raya can further elevate that and spark the joy of celebration. For certain designers and brands, they might use a modern interpretation of Raya garb, while others stick to more classic renditions with traditional pattern and silhouette to enhance their collection. In either interpretation, a bag is always the best accessory to complete the look.
For this year’s Raya, BONIA collaborated with a local brand, Wynka, based in Borneo, which is known for their rich tropical prints. What better way to celebrate than with a combination of vibrant prints and a stunning bag! The selection by Wynka for the Raya campaign shoot effortlessly put on the forefront, the personality of each bag. Either an AIDA clutch for a more formal Raya setting, or a top handle bag for a more relaxed and casual look; play with the colour combo to create a striking ensemble that suits your personality. 
The key in selecting your outfit especially during Raya is keeping comfortable- why sacrifice for beauty and style when you can have both? With a loose and relaxed cut combined with light materials, this collection is the one to look out for. With additional style points courtesy of a BONIA handbag, roll up to Raya looking sassy yet comfy.