Neo Maras: Carry Art

Connoisseur of the arts? A devout guest of art galleries and an admirer of succinct details? It being an intricate part of the weave of your being, you’ll be possessed to incorporate it into the workings of your everyday life. Keep with the theme and consider the Ultramarine  NEO MARAS, a work of art with the distinct talent to house your daily essentials and be a work of art when placed on any horizontal surface. 

The bag is also apt in its source of inspiration- Peit Mondrian, a Dutch artist and one of the founding fathers of the Neo-plasticism movement known as ‘De Stijl’. Celebrating Mondrian and his influence in the art world, we decorated the facade of the Ultramarine with geometric elements that are avant-garde in its lines and arrangement.


An ode to modernism but a classic in the wide time scale, the Ultramarine keeps it contemporary but still kicks up a wave of granduer in its wake. Clad in the colour it is named after, it is complemented by whites, blacks and a pop of brown on the included charm. It whispers to on-lookers that the carrier of this fine satchel, is a person of heightened sophistication. 

The Ultramarine NEO MARAS Satchel is available for RM 1899.