DARIA: Accessorising with Colour

Colour is a fundamental part of the human experience, it has profound effects on one’s emotions and psyche. We choose our favourites not based on a hue’s logical attributes rather how it makes us feel. That is why different colours are associated with different emotional states and also taken to symbolise peripheral attributes. We explore a select portion of the spectrum below and the associations they entail. 


Often associated with optimism, positivity and energy, the vibrant hue brings to mind imagery of spring and summer. Perfect with a flowing maxi dress or high waisted shorts paired with a bikini top, the colour completes a perky ensemble befitting of a beach-themed escape. 


Feminine and powerful, the colour pink is edgy, playful and uber chic. Used as either the primary or simply a pop of colour, the hue is perfect for a casual outing or a radiant statement at a staid sit-down dinner. 


Lighter blues trend towards the playful side, conveying a youthful attitude. Those who don the colour sends the message to the world that they have a fun personality! It is also a calming colour that is both timeless and inoffensive when worked in with other colours on the spectrum. 


Daria Waist Pouch

With a history filled with kings and queens, the colour purple, without a doubt has a close connection to wealth and royalty. The intricate link contributes to the regal reputation of the shade making anything it clads look absolutely expensive. 

Find your choice of the aforementioned colourways in the DARIA waist pouch available for RM 539.