The Humble Carry- Revamped

For the working-class man who’s constantly on-the-go, practicality comes in the form of the messenger bag- a simple sack with a flip lid and long strap for easy sling over one’s shoulder. The typical messenger’s cavernous interior and versatile compartments make it beyond easy to simply throw in everything a man needs to survive the day.

For all its practicality points, however, the one area where most messenger bags are lacking is in the style department. Austere brown or tedious black rule the landscape, almost depriving one’s hope for a brighter reprieve. How would the discerning male ever find a carry that will help him stand out amongst the rest?

Mayhaps a vibrant Sky Blue coloured proposition from BONIA can be the metropolitan man’s solution. The hue of the bag itself hints at the inspiration which draws from the hilly terrain and clear blue seas of Sardinia Island. No one is going to miss this stand-out satchel as it whizzes by in the subway, cafe or open office space.

Not vibrant enough? Take a gander at the flashier variant of the messenger bag- the Sardinia Monogram and Sardinia Colour-Block. The former sets itself apart with our heritage monogram emblazoned on the top lid while the latter has a bright yellow front compartment to contrast the beige body. Both are obliged to make one stand out of the dreary crowd and turn a few heads or two.

Have your pick of the three and no matter which one you go with, the ample pockets, zippered compartments and extra slots is sure to be worth it's salt in practicality.

All SARDINIA Messenger Bags are available for RM 1099.