Fin, An homage to the whale

The sea  possesses mysteries and stories untold.  An integral part of our ecosystem, every creature in the sea and on land around the world has to carry their place and purpose in this tight ecological web. Despite that fact, some are still hunted and pushed to extinction, chief among them- the whale. Sharing in the value of sea life conservation, we created a collection called Fin, an homage to the majestic giants of the seas, which highlights the colossal creature’s strong physical characteristics, such as its fin and strokes of black with pale white undersides. Playful yet docile in nature, the collection’s striking yet practical designs - from the cross body, shoulder bags to backpacks - are an abstract ode to this incredible creature.


Despite the challenges they have to face in order to survive, whales never cease to excite whenever we humans are given a rare glimpse when they surface. Taking elements not just from their strong character but also their grace while manoeuvring the seas, this special collection is proud to have the whale as a design inspiration. 

Textured leather symbolises the tenacity of the whale and the colour is a reflection of the world surrounding them.

 The range is available in both plain and contrasting colours, with prices starting from RM799 to RM1299.