ISOLE marks the beginning of Spring Summer 2020

The ultimate celebration for BONIA in 2019 was the visit to BONIA Isole Cove. An immersive set that was specially designed to commemorate the launch of our recent Spring Summer 2020 Collection named ISOLE.

The grand venue of the event is located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur but we gave all attending guests an authentic island experience they will never forget. Our latest and greatest were also on display; each collection was relegated to their distinct sections, mesmerising guests as they were drawn to take photos to post on their social media. One side of the venue was also dedicated to showcasing BONIA’s range of menswear while the other housed the women’s collection. Selected ranges were proudly on display including Cascara Sonia, Damiano, Fin, Riva, Hama, Volare, Christina and Oceania Sonia.

Guests were also treated to a sneak preview of our Spring Summer collection along with a teaser of our Autumn Winter 2020/2021 collection slated to arrive later on in the year. These previews were showcased inside the marquee tent that greeted guests upon arrival. Many activities were crafted especially for the event including a claw machine, a beach lounge serving cold fresh coconuts and personalized phone cover services. Food and beverages were also catered to fit the overarching theme with the sushi bar being the main highlight.