Top 3 beach Destinations

Spiaggia Del Principe, Sardinia, Italy

Spiaggia Del Principe is a spectacular beach framed by a necklace of coves, Granite Mountains and caressed by crystalline turquoise waters. Prince Karim Aga Khan developed a capital named Porto Cervo due to his love of the emerald coast. With his love towards a particular beach located in this area, he named it Spiaggia Del Principe. The beach is surrounded by white sand, interlaid with a deep cove smothered by a pink granite promontory. You can walk alongside this beach and  find Costa Smeralda, the new name the prince gave , too, to this part of Gallura.  The colours of the area- green, pink, turquoise and blue- will entice and sooth your eyes, mind and soul.

Plage Beau Rivage, Baie des Anges, Nice

There is no denying the beauty of Nice as your dine along its coast. If  you are drawn to visit, Beau Rivage is a great locale. It is a private beach with two very different sides: an outdoor restaurant opening up to sunbeds and  the lively lounge area where DJs spin for themed nights. Sitting on the Promenade des Anglais, Beau Rivage draws in both crowds of locals and tourists due to its prime location and sun-lounger menu courtesy of new seaside bistros. After the sun sets, the beach takes on a St. Tropez vibe with seaside soirées featuring themed parties and live music. Immerse in the cool vibes the place provides and let yourself indulge in the happiness and enjoyment of the food and ambiance.

Egremni Beach, Lefkada, Greece

If you are planning to visit Greece, Egremni Beach is a must on  your list for  its beautiful scenery. Its long breathtaking stretch of bright white sand and matching turquoise waters reminds one  of a Caribbean island, and the serenity it exudes is absolutely priceless. The beach is still lined with that signature cliff edge that marks the identity of a typical Greece adventure; it will be worth the climb for a glimpse of the silky scenery and soothing waters off this crystalline coast.