Getting in tune with the ocean

Recall the golden age of the transistor radio; music went from a nightly sit down affair to being taken and played everywhere- nowhere more so than the beach.

Imagine: It's the 1960s, the sun is high in the sky, waves crashing and laughter all around- piercing through it all is the sultry groove that is Beachboy Blues by Elvis Presley. The shape is unmistakable, a standing metal rectangle with a handle up top for easy carry, it's singular speaker tiny but enough to convey the artist’s melodic muses. Little did those sunbathers and beachgoers know, the boxy device was about to shape a generation.


The same influential silhouette is recalled in the outline of the Riva collection; the boxy shape reflects the utilitarian shape of the transistor radio- a great advantage in the bag’s case with more usable space for your various effects… or perhaps a portable radio of your own.

Now back to the beach- we leave the transistor radio behind and take a stroll through the coastline textured with moving crustaceans, driftwood, rocks and glistening shells. They partially disappear and reappear with every lap of the waves; you go with the motions and soon imbued with a sense of tranquillity as you take in the natural sights and sounds.

Focus on the textures… that’s right, every sheen, every divot, every line in the sand- they are all inspirations for Riva’s striking motifs and colourways. Take your pick of dark beige, brown, dark yellow and neo mint, all of which are complemented by black and white stripe detailing.